WEEE Recycling and Dismantling

waste TV/Computer dismantling line

Through alongterm research and development, Huaxin Environmental has the advancedequipment of dismantling the CRT TV assembly line. The production line adoptsthe intelligent logistics transportation system, make machinery as a main way,human assistance is a support. The waste computers, TV sets are overalldisassembly, with heating wire heating mode and advanced mechanic cuttingequipment, separation leaded glass and plate glass, the fluorescent powder isrecovered. The glass is used to recycle and remanufacture by the downstreamenterprises.

Disposal of Scrap assets

The introduction of Motor vehicle scrap project

Scrap vehiclerecycling and dismantling project is operated by Huaxin Kayi Ye materialrecycling Co,ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Huaxin Environmental. HuaxinKayi Ye is located in Gao Li Town, Shunyi District, covers an area of 60 10hectares, including factory area and building office areas of 5000 squaremeters, hardening area of 30000 square meters. The company has a completeequipment with all process, mechanized and automatically work. The annualcapacity is 30000 vehicles. In order to meet the demand of vehiclesdismantling, the factory equipped with a forcible entry complete sets ofequipment including cars, tanks, auto lifting platform, and tire removal tools,hydraulic shears, glass removal tools, oil and water emissions tools, autoreverse platform, hydraulic shearing machine, crusher, rigid body metal blockmaking machine and other machinery.

In therecycling business, the company runs efficient and transparent onestopservices, connects to the DMV in Beijing through the network, realtime vehiclecancellation, query and nuclear file formalities. The motor vehicle scrappingusers will get the scrapped certification in the shortest time. It is not onlyconvenient, but also efficient.

Confidential Storage Unit Destroy Service

Classified carrier destruction of service

The destructionof classified storage medium is one of the key service project HuaxinEnvironmental, we are committed to provide every customer with destruction ofcustomized processing services. We will according to customer requirements andthe type of classified carrier, the destruction of reasonable and efficient,professional advice for the customer service plan, after the customer's finalconfirmation, under the condition of strict monitoring, carried out in strictaccordance with the customer satisfaction processing scheme.

HuaxinEnvironmental has a professional paper classified documents (all kinds ofstatements, tickets, receipts, etc.) processing equipment and electronic mediaclassified carrier (computer hard drives, floppy disk, U disk, CD, usb flashdisk, magnetic tape and other kinds of paper classified carrier) processingequipment, can meet the demand of all kinds of classified carrier destruction.At present, the company has for many enterprises to provide efficient andprofessional services to the destruction of classified storage medium and onthe basis of customer satisfaction, and establish a long-term relations ofcooperation.

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